Scientists identify big problem related to coronavirus
Scientists identify big problem related to coronavirus

London: The outbreak of Corona, which is getting increased suddenly, has been taking the form of an epidemic for the whole world. Moore than 200000 died due t this virus. But still this death game has not stopped. This virus has rocked the whole world today. Recently, scientists had a big success in identifying those two special types of cells in the nose, which are probably the first to be infected with the coronavirus. These cells can serve as a gateway for corona penetration.

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Searches for goblet and ciliated cells in the nose: Researchers at the Welcome Sager Institute in Britain and University Medical Center in the Netherlands discovered gablet and ciliated cells in the nose. Both of these cells contain high levels of entry proteins. Using these proteins, the coronavirus (covid-19) enters our body cells. He said that identifying these cells can help explain the high rate of corona infection.

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These findings will help in the prevention of corona: A study published in the journal Nature Medicine also shows that some other organs of the body, including the eyes, intestines, kidneys and liver, also have entry proteins. The study also speculates how entry proteins are regulated with other immune system genes. These findings can open the way for the development of therapies, along with setting new goals for the prevention of corona.

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