Second day of bank strike, work of 19 thousand crores stopped on the first day
Second day of bank strike, work of 19 thousand crores stopped on the first day

New Delhi: The strike Bank Privatization by bankers continues for the second consecutive day today i.e. Let me tell all of you that more than nine lakh employees of all public sector banks (PSB) across the country are engaged in this strike. This is affecting banking services and causing a lot of inconvenience to the common people. You will be surprised to know that the first day's strike is estimated to affect banking operations worth about 19,000 crore rupees. On the other hand, All India Bank Employees Union (AIBEA) General Secretary CH Venkatachalam claimed, "20 from the first day's strike. Clearance of 4 lakh cheques stuck. 18,600 crore. '

He also said that the strike by government bankers affected works like deposits, withdrawals, cheque clearances, loan approvals on Thursday. Let me tell all of you that nine unions of bank employees have called for this strike together. Employees of all public sector banks are participating in the list.

On the other hand, customers of banks like SBI, PNB are facing problems in banking operations. On the other hand, all private banks including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank are doing normal work. Let me tell you all that customers who have handled banking through online channels need not be bothered during this period. This is because digital banking services, Internet Banking , UPI Based Services (UPI), Mobile Banking etc.

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