Demand for ban on film section 375 due to wrong questions in the courtroom
Demand for ban on film section 375 due to wrong questions in the courtroom

A recent poster of Bollywood actors Akshay Khanna and Richa Chadha's film "Section 375" came out. But now the film appears to be outwitted in controversy. In fact, a petition was filed by a city-based lawyer in the Pune Civil Court on Monday, July 26. The film alleges that Section 164 (CrPC) process has been misrepresented in the film. That is why the petition has been filed.

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In fact, the lawyer, based on the promo of the film shared on social media saying that the promo was completely misinformed of the court process. The promo says in the courtroom a petition on the visual and vulgar questions scenes depicted. He added that such scenes would have a wrong effect on real-life rape victims who often don't file FIRs because of fear.

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The petition also says that such questions are never asked in the Open Court. In addition, lawyer Wajed Khan and another student Amarjit Mhaske have filed a petition seeking a stay on the release of the film. Actor Akshay Khanna, film producer Kumar Mangal Pathak and Abhishek Mangal Pathak have been held responsible in the case and after hearing the petition, the court has issued summons to the three to appear before the court before the release of the film. Akshay and Richa are playing the role of a lawyer in the film. Let's see what the court decides for this movie.

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