Gaza man balances objects in air in this way
Gaza man balances objects in air in this way

Asia: Although you may have seen more than one trick and magic game, have you ever seen someone balancing many things together or not, today we will give you something similar where Mohammed al-Shenbari When they see something new, they try to stand against it against the law of gravity. Even if it is TV, no drums, chairs or cups. 24-year-old Palestinian artist Shenbari says that he can stand on anything with balance. Due to his art, he is becoming quite popular. Not only this, they are often called to take sessions in the Gaza Strip, which is struggling with poverty and struggle.

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At the same time, according to information received from sources, in his house in North Gaza, Al-Shenbari shows the chair by standing on one leg. Not only that, two cylinders have to be placed on a pipe or to put the TV on a bottle of coke, for Shenbari it is all a left-handed game. He says, 'For this, you need to know the basis of anything and then you can easily stand it.'

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At the same time, it is believed that fitness coach Al-Shenbari says that due to his healthy lifestyle, he helped him to balance things slowly. He says, 'When I do this, what I feel, I cannot tell. It seems that there is some magnetic effect in me, which flows from me to the objects.'

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