Sensational! Charred body found, police engaged in investigation

On Friday, a young woman's burnt body was found in a roadside ditch on Rampur Road in the Kemri police station area. Ankit Mittal, Superintendent of Police, investigated the scene and gathered all evidence related to the girl. The girl's identity, however, has yet to be determined. The corpse was transported here and burned after the girl was slain elsewhere, according to the report. The SP has given the in-charge of the Camry police station directives to investigate the matter as quickly as possible.

On Friday at about 1.30 pm, a resident of Village Simaria in Kemri police station arrived at his farm on Rampur Road near Nizamuddin village. They discovered the unnamed girl's half-burned remains in a ditch next to a wayside field. He arrived at the village right away and notified the residents of the situation. A sizable crowd soon assembled at the location. Camry police station in-charge Gaurav Singh Yadav and his officers hurried to the scene after receiving information from the locals. Police grabbed the body and sent it for postmortem, however the people were unable to identify the dead.

According to the information so far, the deceased was around 25 years old. He's dressed in a salwar suit with scorpions on his feet. Because the body was burned, all of the evidence was destroyed. According to the police, they are working to figure out who the girl was and why she was taken here and burned as soon as possible. The child may have been slain somewhere by the perpetrators, and her corpse may have been burned in a ditch while going via the route, according to police. Meanwhile, the perpetrators of the crime may have left, leaving the body burnt when a car, truck, or other vehicle passed by. Ankit Mittal, the Superintendent of Police, and Anuj Chaudhary, a police officer, also arrived at the scene. They gathered information from the locals about the girl, but no one was able to alert the rural police about the child's body. In this regard, the in charge of the police station stated that attempts are still being made to identify the girl based on evidence collected on the scene. The event will very certainly be revealed soon after it has been identified.

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