Servant Leadership to relieve anxiety among employee

Oct 16 2020 04:15 PM
Servant Leadership to relieve anxiety among employee

The COVID-19 impacted Work from Home leads people to acquire the highest level of stress and the least involvement at work. The study also says a right boss can help in relive the stress and increase the engagement. In the Journal of Applied Psychology, a study result was published that says the WFH and pandemic lead few people to think about their mortality making them more stressed and less engaged at work.

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A study data collected from the 163 employees of an IT company in eastern China taken twice a day says the workers seem more anxious about pandemic related deaths and less engaged with their jobs. As a result the anxiety and engagement of the employees were influenced by the type of employer or their boss, employees excel if boss associates know as ‘Servant leadership’. Attends the emotions, empowers the employees and guides to achieve success. In another survey where boss are rated higher engage more. The leaders encourage their employees to find an alternative to convert it as a positive behavior. In a US based research, participants were asked to imagine as a consultant advising a retail company on the improvement of their sales. The participants first study about Covid-19 few with positive ways of handling the pandemic and few with effects of pandemic.

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The results are similar to the study in China those with effects reports a higher level of anxiety. The participants who had servant leaders in their work environment showed less anxiety, impacting the social behavior. The studies found that companies play a major role in helping their employees to overcome the Covid-19 related stress and anxiety.

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