Mukesh Khanna's serial Shaktimaan become enemy for country
Mukesh Khanna's serial Shaktimaan become enemy for country

The popular television show Shaktimaan serial has always been a favorite of children. When this serial started in the 90s, its popularity was so much that only Shaktimaan's name was on everyone's tongue. The famous actor Mukesh Khanna played the role of Shaktimaan. Today there is a situation of lockdown across the country. Every once in a while, people are watching Shaktimaan on Doordarshan. There was a time when the country's hero Shaktimaan became a villain for all. News began to spread that children are jumping on seeing Shaktimaan serial. There was confusion among the people about the image of Shaktimaan. There were reports that children are harming each other and the feeling of violence is increasing among them. The exercise to shut down Shaktimaan had started rapidly in the media.

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Later Mukesh Khanna went to the bottom of the case and revealed that it was a well-planned conspiracy to tarnish Shaktimaan's image. He said during an interview- "I suspected that an attempt is being made to tarnish the image of Shaktimaan serial. I hired the Global Detective Agency to investigate the whole matter. Arun Jaitley and Rajat Sharma also helped in this." There was an incident of Begusarai where one child set the other child on fire that Shaktimaan would come to save. When he was investigated, it was found that the child was burnt due to some other reason. A similar case had also come up in Nashik. There was another reason too. Mukesh said that "a conspiracy started against me. Wherever I never ate gutkha or smoked cigarettes but a red-handed selling of gutkha started in my name. Then I had a 7-minute sequence in an episode of the show in which I gave a very strong message that any child who eats gutkha will not be able to do anything in life.

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There was a news agency that was running such news and working to tarnish the image of Shaktimaan among the people. We fought and won the case against that company. " Mukesh Khanna is also preparing to bring the second part of Shaktimaan. The idea has been going on for the last 2-3 years. A total of 520 episodes of Shaktimaan were aired from 1997 to 2005. The show gained tremendous popularity.  People still see Shaktimaan as a superhero and like it. Mukesh Khanna is planning to bring a new episode of Shaktimaan. Apart from this, discussions about its casting have been going on for a long time. Mukesh himself is preparing to play the lead role in it. Information about when it will start has not been revealed yet. If this happens then it will be a matter of happiness for the lovers of power.

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