Delhi Congress can get strength, this leader has indicated change

Delhi Congress may get a new president. A decision can be taken about this post in the first week of March. The round of discussions on who will be the new president is still going on. However, taking lessons from the shameful defeat in the assembly elections, this time the party is not in the mood to delay more in the selection of the new president.

According to the media report, Shakti Singh Gohil, the interim in-charge of the newly appointed State Congress, has started working in this direction. That is why he has started meeting the leaders of Delhi even before taking charge of the work. Complaints and suggestions are noted from all. There are some leaders who are also giving suggestions to make the party stand again. Based on this, Gohil will send his report and recommendation to Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

It is believed that the party does not want to repeat previous mistakes this time with the intention of strengthening the organization. It may be known that after the Lok Sabha elections, the graph of the Congress seemed to be increasing, but after the death of Sheila Dixit on July 20, the State Congress had to wait more than three months for the new president. Subhash Chopra was made the Speaker on 23 October, while Delhi Assembly elections were to be held on 8 February. The party has suffered due to this. Therefore, there will be no delay in the selection of the new president this time. The ability to run the organization as the new president will be specifically kept at the centre.

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Delhi Congress can get new president soon, Gohil takes feedback





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