Corona: Sharad Pawar says, 'PM should talk to all political parties'

May 23 2020 03:56 PM
Corona: Sharad Pawar says, 'PM should talk to all political parties'

Mumbai: NCP Chief Sharad Pawar said that opposition parties want PM Modi to discuss with all parties about measures to tackle the coronavirus epidemic and also restore the functioning of parliamentary permanent committees. Pawar has tweeted in a series of tweets after a video conference meeting of leaders of 22 opposition parties, saying that he (the opposition parties) believes that it is "there's no time to show off, or to show oneself superior to others". 

Sharad Pawar further said, "We have an urgent way to contact and talk to all political parties immediately, to listen to our suggestions seriously. not to use the Corona crisis for our personal benefit, Standing Committee has decided to urge the Prime Minister's Office to restore the functioning of such institutions and to help the states financially and otherly. ''

NCP chief Pawar said, "like-minded parties are going to collectively demand the 10-point demands from the central government immediately." Appealed to consult with industrialists and experts. He said, "To attract new investment in the states, new policies should be adopted to promote industrial growth ."

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