Mayawati calls Rahul's video a drama, says "Congress is the real culprit of the plight of laborers"

May 23 2020 03:47 PM
Mayawati calls Rahul's video a drama, says

Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo and former CM of UP Mayawati has attacked the Congress on the issue of migrant workers of the country. Mayawati has tweeted that, 'Today the plight of crores of migrant workers is visible in the entire country due to the Corona lockdown because the Congress is the real culprit because during their long reign after independence, the right system of livelihood will be given to the village / If they had been in cities, why would they have to migrate to other states'.

Mayawati further wrote that 'In the same way the video currently being shown by the Congress leader to share the grief and pain of some workers who were victims of the Lockdown tragedy seems to be less of sympathy and more drama. It would have been better if Congress had told how many people it had genuinely helped when meeting them. Also, if the central and state governments of the BJP do not follow the footsteps of the Congress, if they implement the policy of making these homeless labourers self-sufficient by making proper arrangements for livelihood in their villages/cities, then further They will probably never have to face such a predicament. '

Mayawati has appealed to the BSP activists, "There is a fresh appeal to the people of BSP also that the migrant labourers who have been kept away from their villages on their return and are not getting proper government help. Try to help such people".

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