While burying in the grave, sound started coming out of coffin, people shocked

Oct 17 2019 01:36 PM
While burying in the grave, sound started coming out of coffin, people shocked

People who are vivacious have only one attitude to make everyone laugh. They do not want any person in the world to be sad. But these days, such a video is becoming viral on social media, after seeing which you will not be able to stop your laughter. In this video, a lively person did something while going to the grave after dying that a smile ran across his face. This person had thought before his death that he would go out laughing to his relatives, friends and family.

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On October 8, 62-year-old Bradley died in Dublin, Australia. Bradley had been fighting a battle of cancer for three years. Bradley was a lively person and always made people laugh. Bradley's last wish was he wants to die laughing. For which he had already prepared. Bradley prepared a recording to prank with friends and family.

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When Bradley began to be buried in the tomb, the sound started coming from his grave. 'It's quite dark here, take me out, is there a priest? I can hear I am Bradley. I am in the box. I just want to say goodbye". The people present at the funeral were surprised to hear these voices coming from the tomb. At first, people got nervous after hearing the voice of Shae Bradley, but when they came to know that it was his prank, people started laughing.

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