PM Care Fund has a lot of money to help families of deceased farmers

Mumbai: The Modi government at the Centre took a major decision last Friday. In fact, the government has withdrawn all three agricultural laws and many opposition leaders are celebrating the government's decision. This was stated by the Prime Minister in an 18-minute address to the country last Friday. He said these laws were brought in keeping with the interests of the farmers, but the government failed to explain the benefits to some farmers. These agricultural laws were withdrawn. Many farmers died in the farmers' agitation to get these laws repealed.

In such a situation, there is now a demand for the help of the families of those farmers. Talking to reporters today (November 21, Sunday), Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut also supported the demand. Recently, he said, "Farmers should be helped. This demand is being made from all over the country. Nearly 700 farmers have died in the last one and a half years. Some of them died on the Indus border, some on the ghazipur border and some by police bullets. All three of them were fighting against agricultural laws. The Prime Minister withdrew these laws. The Government understood its mistake. But the farmers had to face punishment for this mistake. The families of the farmers are in trouble. So, the Central Government and the Prime Minister should help them.''

Sanjay Raut also said, "There is a lot of money lying in the PM Care Fund. That fund can help the farmers. Apologising to the farmers and the country is not going to work. Those 700 families need to be supported. I am sure the Prime Minister is kind and will help.”

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