'Congress's condition like cloudburst', Shiv Sena targets Congress

Mumbai: The Shiv Sena has once again targeted the Congress in Saamana and also criticized Congress's high command. Shivsena has written about the fact that Congress is afraid of many more leaders going away. The Shiv Sena in its editorial said, "The condition of the Congress party has become like a cloudburst. Where to put the patch too? In Punjab, Congress leader Sunil Jakhar and Hardik Patel from Gujarat have quit the party. In Rajasthan, congress's thinking camp concluded. It was only when that meditation camp was concluded that such a leak started in Congress.'' For some time now, the issue of 'stampede' has not been anything new for Congress. But from Sonia Gandhi to Rahul Gandhi, everyone raised a 'voice' to revive the Congress.'


Referring to Hardik Patel and Sunil Jakhar, the editorial said, "Balram Jakhar was a one-time veteran leader of the Congress party, extremely loyal to the Gandhi family. Balaram also became the Speaker of the Lok Sabha. Sunil Jakhar is the son of the Balram Jakhar. He led the Punjab Congress for many years. But Jakhar was marginalized as Navjyot Sidhu got futile importance. Jakhar finally took the BJP's path. Jakhar asked a question to the Congress leadership while leaving the party. "I was speaking in the interest of Punjab and the nation, but what did the Congress do by giving me a 'notice' on that?" is his main question. The Congress tried to suppress my nationalist voice, alleges Jakhar.''


At the same time, targeting the Congress in Saamana, he said, "The Congress lacks vision, says Hardik Patel. Congress has decided to appoint 6,500 full-time workers across the country, but states like Uttar Pradesh-Bihar do not have state presidents. Udaipur's thinking camp concluded without leadership in these two big states. Many people are concerned about Sonia Gandhi's age and health. That is, they are the ones who lead the Congress and their words are considered ideal. Rahul Gandhi left out many questions midway at the Congress' thinking camp in Udaipur. During the 2024 preparations by Modi and his party in a different way, the Emergency of the 'leak' in the Congress is going on and the condition of that party has become like a cloudburst. These scenes are not good for parliamentary democracy. Even after Jakhar, and Hardik, the heap is likely to continue to increase. How will you soak up these clues?'

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