Shock to Russia: Protest against Russia on the football field
Shock to Russia: Protest against Russia on the football field

Russia is being widely condemned in many countries of the world after the invasion of Ukraine. A number of restrictions have also been announced on him. In the same order, Russia has also been stripped of hosting the final of the champions league, the world's biggest club tournament, on Friday (February 25). After which the qualifying round matches for the FIFA World Cup 2022 are also not going to take place there. Now Formula One has cancelled the Russian Grand Prix. At the same time, the International Ski Federation has also decided not to hold five World Cup ski events in Russia for the time being.

Champions League final: The final of the world's biggest club football tournament is not scheduled to be played in St Petersburg on May 28 this time. UEFA has already handed over the title match on Friday to Paris, the capital of France. Earlier, it was speculated that England's capital London was also being given the opportunity to host the final match. However, that did not happen.

Russian Grand Prix: The Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for September 25, has been cancelled due to the attack on Ukraine. Formula One has announced this on Friday (February 25). In a statement, he said, "On Thursday evening, Formula One, FIA and the teams have also spoken on the current situation. We have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to organise it under the present circumstances."

Zverev, who hit racquet in the umpire's chair, had to pay a hefty fine

Russia once again got a big blow, this opportunity was snatched away due to the attack on Ukraine

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