Shaan's shocking revelations about growing singers

Arijit Singh is one of the top singers of the country. On the strength of his voice, Arijit is coming to rule the Indian music industry. The singer has completed ten years in this movie. During this time many singers came into the singing industry, many went, many of whom even considered Arijit as their inspiration. According to media reports, singer Shaan has also been in this industry for the last two decades, he has also given reason to Arijit about the sinking of the career of growing singers. Shaan says that the originality of the new talent is lost somewhere. He says everyone wants to be like Arijit. Everyone is failing to create their own identity.

Shaan continues his point and said that even in the 80s and 90s, this problem was created in this industry because everyone wanted to be like Kishore Kumar and Mohammad Rafi. When Sonu Nigam has stepped into this industry. This pressure remained on the new ones even then. Shaan further said that the sad part is that the old trend is coming back. Everyone is listening to Arijit's voice. In the end, everyone is singing like him. This shows that their own identity has been lost somewhere. That's why the songs that are being made seem repetitive.

According to media reports, when singers are thinking about making a song, let's first see on which topic the songs are trending more. And let's make it the same. In this affair, there should be so many songs on infidelity, in which what is new, these songs do not last for many years. But, Shaan is looking to prove the trek record. He has said that so he does not need to do it and that is why he is experimenting with his music, in which his Sufi Rock Single, Rang Le, can also be seen.

About the Sufi rock genre, Shaan has spoken that this genre is also being liked a lot in the 90s in the age of beach indie pop. I just thought there could be a lot more to that genre. I've always wanted to do something new instead of a love song, which I've done before. I try to find some more genres, for people and for me too.

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