People screamed seeing what happened after man doing stunts on the wall of dam

Nowadays many types of videos are viral. In such a situation, recently a video is becoming increasingly viral. You will be shocked to see what happened in this video. In this video a person wanted to show stunts to the people. However, an incident happened while showing the stunt, seeing which the people present there got stuck in their breath. There is a big dam in Chikkaballapur, Karnataka, where people often visit and see water coming out of the dam. It was here that a man-made a fool of doing stunts and seeing what happened after that everyone screamed.

Having fun sometimes proves to be dangerous, although this time it happened the same way. Actually, this incident is the Srinivasa Dam of Chikbalapur. Here water is continuously pouring out of the dam and a man tries to climb a steep wall in the midst of the flowing water. Seeing it, he would climb up more than half the distance and the people standing below were looking at him. Some people were making a video of that person, but then an incident happened that everyone was afraid of. The people present at the Srinivasa Dam of Chikbalapur were enjoying the strong flow of water.

Meanwhile, a young man climbed up about 30 feet on the straight wall of the dam. However, it was a very dangerous and deadly stunt. After climbing up for some distance, he could not maintain his balance and then slipped and fell down. Someone recorded the video of the person falling down in his mobile camera. It is being told that the young man's life was saved but he has suffered a lot. After this incident, the young man had to immediately go to the hospital, where he is being treated.

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