New research on 'Omicron,' these people have to be more alert
New research on 'Omicron,' these people have to be more alert

New Delhi: The increasing number of cases of corona infection with the speed of the new variant omicron has added to the problem of countries around the world. The omicron infected has died in both the UK and the US. More than 200 cases of new variant omicron have been reported in India as well. Meanwhile, a new study published in Fertility and Sterility claims that corona also affects the sperm count and sperm mobility of men.

Effect of corona on sperm:-
According to research by Imperial College London, corona affects sperm count and sperm mobility. The sperm quality of men remains poor till months after recovering from the corona. However, research has found that semen itself is not contagious. A study of 35 male samples within a month of recovering from corona revealed that sperm mobility decreased by 60% and sperm count by 37%.

It may be noted that women who want to get pregnant should keep in mind that sperm count and sperm quality can remain poor for a few months after recovering from the corona. According to a study by Imperial College London, there is no evidence that corona's new variant Omicron is less dangerous than the old variant delta. Researchers at Imperial College London compared 11,329 patients with possible omicron infections to about 2 lakh people infected with other variants. The study revealed that the omicron variant is no less dangerous than delta. There was no evidence that it was less serious. The research studied the ratio of positive people found after the symptoms were obtained and the proportion of patients admitted to the hospital.

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