Shocking Revelation: Shahbad Dairy Murder Victim Was Raped by Mohammed Sahil Before Brutal Killing

New Delhi: In a shocking turn of events, a Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) report has uncovered a horrifying detail in the Shahbad Dairy murder case – the victim was raped before her brutal murder on May 28. On August 31, the police amended the First Information Report (FIR) to include the rape section following the disturbing revelation. The victim, a 16-year-old girl, met a gruesome end at the hands of a 20-year-old individual named Mohammed Sahil Sarfaraz Khan. Khan mercilessly stabbed her over 20 times and then bludgeoned her head with a boulder. Shockingly, passersby failed to intervene or assist the victim during this horrifying attack, which was captured on a street CCTV camera.

Delhi Police apprehended the perpetrator from his aunt's residence in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, after the gruesome video went viral on social media. According to the police statement, Khan and the victim were in a relationship for approximately two years until May of that year. Initially, the police had registered a murder case. However, as the investigation progressed, they filed a revised FIR under various sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act, molestation, and the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act.

A charge sheet had already been submitted in court regarding the case. Subsequently, the post-mortem report and the Forensic Science Lab report revealed the presence of semen in the teenager's genitals, bringing the rape aspect to the forefront of the investigation. The police had reported 34 wounds on the victim's body, with injuries including a protruding intestine, a ruptured skull, and 70 smashed bones. A chilling 90-second video recording of the murder depicted the assailant using a knife to stab the victim while forcing her against a wall. Mohammed Sahil continued his brutal assault even after the victim fell to the ground, repeatedly stabbing and kicking her. He also used a cement slab to attack her while bystanders passed by without offering any assistance to the minor.

Further investigation into the murder revealed that it was premeditated, not a crime of passion. Sahil had been loitering near the location of the crime since the morning, intending to kill the victim, her ex-boyfriend Praveen, and two to three other young individuals. He had consumed alcohol prior to committing the crime and confessed to purchasing the murder weapon at a weekly market approximately 15 days before the incident. Notably, the Shahbad Dairy area is notorious for unlawful activities, with a lack of well-maintained public spaces, encroachments on designated public areas, a rising crime rate, unsafe social conditions, and the proliferation of unauthorized structures in the locality.

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