Tragic Suicides Shake Karnataka: Family of Four Found Dead in Mysuru, NRI Woman Ends Life in Belagavi

Bangalore: An investigation has been launched by Mysuru city police after the discovery of four deceased members of the same family inside their rented home in Chamundipuram, Karnataka on Sunday afternoon. The individuals identified as Mahadevaswamy (45), his wife Anita (38), and daughters Chandrakala (17) and Dhanalakshmi (15) are suspected to have been involved in a suicide pact. Mahadevaswamy operated a vegetable shop in the Bandipalya area. Neighbors became concerned when they noticed the door had remained closed for two days and reported the matter to the police, according to news agency PTI.

A police official stated, "The front door was bolted from inside. So we opened the door at the rear and found them dead. Among the four, one was found hanging, which appears to be the elder daughter." The other three family members were discovered seated on the floor. The family had been residing as tenants on the ground floor of the building owned by the landlord who lived on the first floor.

In a parallel incident involving suicide, a 40-year-old Non-Resident Indian (NRI) woman named Priyadarshini Lingaraj Patil from Dharwad, Karnataka ended her life by jumping into the Malaprabha river near Saundatti in Belagavi district on August 20, according to police sources reported by news agency IANS last Friday.

A suicide note left behind by Priyadarshini highlights her allegations of harassment by Australian authorities and residents of a locality in Sydney towards her family. The note reveals the distressing circumstances related to her family's legal battle for custody of her children that led her to take such a drastic step.

The report indicates that Priyadarshini, who had recently returned from Australia to Bengaluru, traveled to Hubballi and then to Belagavi by bus. The motive behind her suicide, outlined in the note addressed to her father, revolves around the custody battle for her children.

Facing her son Amartya's health concerns, Priyadarshini sought medical intervention. When her son's condition worsened due to alleged treatment side effects, she filed a complaint against the hospital. Her accusations led authorities to believe she was incapable of caring for her children, ultimately resulting in the government taking custody of them. Despite her attempts to regain custody, her efforts were in vain.

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