Surprising! Mahabharata's 'Krishna' separated from his wife after 12 years

Nitish Bhardwaj, an actor of the popular historical television serial 'Mahabharata,' has parted ways with his wife Smita after 12 years. His wife is an IAS officer by profession. The couple's relationship broke up in September 2019. They have two twin daughters who are living in Indore with their mother Smita. In an interview, Nitish Bhardwaj spoke about his separation from his wife Smita.

In an interview, Nitish Bhardwaj said, "Yes, I filed for divorce in the Family Court in September 2019. I don't want to go deeper into what led to our separation. The case is currently in court. All I can say is that divorce is more powerful than death, especially when you are living with an emptiness."

On the same marriage relationship, Nitish Bhardwaj said, "I believe in this institution, but I have not been lucky in this matter. To tell the truth, there can be many reasons for the breakdown of the marriage. Sometimes you are unable to compromise your partner's attitude and sometimes there is a lack of compassion. Sometimes ego comes in the way and sometimes you don't get your thinking. Whenever a relationship breaks down, children transit in it. These things have a bad effect on children and for this their parents are responsible.'' On the question of discussing with the same twin daughters, Nitish Bhardwaj said, "I would not like to say anything on whether I have the freedom to talk or meet them now.'' However, Smita did not respond when tried to contact her about the breakdown of the relationship.

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