DC fans rejoice! You are about to hear the hottest news this side of the Atlantic!

Indian gamers will soon have access to exclusive superhero gaming chairs in their own country! Here is your chance to live out your Batman, Flash and Superman dreams in style. Cellbell is the first Indian company to introduce these superhero gaming chairs to the eSports Gaming market in India. Be warned though – these items are completely fresh, and they are likely to fly off the shelves and be gone in a matter of days!

Cellbell started its gaming chairs product line in the year 2020 and quickly achieved the bestseller rank in the top 50 chairs in India on Amazon. In 2022, the company entered an official brand partnership with Warner-Bros to sell DC Universe Justice League Designs, and have become one of only four companies in the world – and the only one in India – to sell these superhero gaming chairs. Founded by Pawan Demla and Chirag Demla in 2015, this company began by making Smartphone accessories before widening its scope to include the manufacturing of office chairs. After making a name for themselves as leaders in this domain, they turned their sights on the lucrative gaming market in India.

“The generic gaming chairs that are currently available in the market are prone to easy duplication with sub-standard internal quality degradations. Why should our rising Indian eSports players have to suffer with such low-quality equipment? This is why we entered the field. During our research to provide the best equipment, we realized that on an international eSports level, only 2-3 brands make premium superhero gaming chairs. We wanted to enter this market in order to redesign gaming chairs available for the Indian eSports diaspora. Our exclusive creatives of Batman, Superman, Flash and other Justice League characters have never been seen before and I’m sure all DC gaming fans will love our selection. At the end of the day, it is the quality experience you offer to your customer that matters the most to build a sustainable Indian brand in the eSports Domain,” explains Cellbell Founders.

Esports gaming chairs have been trending on a global scale since the past four years. The Indian eSports audience adopted the trend in 2020. Cellbell founders points out that eSports gaming is set to be as big as or even bigger than the game of cricket in India and the craving for fan merchandise like these exclusive superhero gaming chairs is only going to grow from here.

As the official licensed brand partners with DC Comics, Cellbell’s team has secured the rights for all superhero related artwork that will be used for making and promoting these chairs. The DC team is as excited about these gaming chairs as Cellbell is, and the partnership is set to be a long and fruitful one. Though Batman, Flash and Superman are on offer immediately after launch this month, more superhero chairs are in the design phase and will be launched later this year.

Excited to know more and get your hands on your favourite superhero designs as fast as possible? Just enter the pre-launch giveaways! These are live on Cellbell’s Instagram @cell_bell from January 17th, which is launch day. Founders says, “As we are bestsellers on Amazon and Flipkart, we will sell them exclusively in upcoming festival sale events on these platforms.

Apart from marketplaces, we have recently upgraded our website platform to offer a seamless and secure experience to our customers looking for such exclusive gaming chairs.”

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