Showing his vigour and confidence all at once with his multiple businesses, meet 20 year old entrepreneur Shubham Kumar.

Jun 30 2020 02:33 PM
Showing his vigour and confidence all at once with his multiple businesses, meet 20 year old entrepreneur Shubham Kumar.

Many kids nowadays are very well aware of what they wish to become once they grow. They start planning from a very early and accordingly also take courses to support their career. However, there are many others as well, who do not even wait to grow old; they just start their journey overlooking their naive age because they are confident enough that they are made to be a success story. A young boy who comes in the latter category is Shubham Kumar from Bihar, India. This young man is all about his hard work, his consistent efforts, and his determined mind to turn every ordinary business into a success story.

Being a millennial and born on May 25th, 2000, Shubham is everything perfect at just 20 years of age. He not only is excellent at his academics but also aces the game at his multiple businesses along with his father, Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Bihar's prominent businessman and philanthropist. Mr. Rajeev's training to his son in the businesses and Shubham's own intelligence and skills are acting as an inspiration to many father-son duos out there in the world. 

Today, Shubham has successfully made his path towards being a 20-year-old entrepreneur who manages the post of a director at all the companies that are owned by Shree Gopal Group. These companies include Shree Gopal Auto Private Limited, Shree Gopal Motors, Vistas Jewellers Private Limited, Rajeev Tradecomm Private Limited, and Sumud Healthcare Private Limited. Not just this, Shubham also invested in stock markets and cryptocurrencies.

Talking about his education, Shubham is also pursuing his degree in BBA 3 Continent from the renowned Amity University, Noida. His schooling has also been done from prestigious educational institutions like Nainital's Sherwood College and DPS Dwarka.

On the business side, this young guy is continuously hustling between his studies and his businesses. His intelligence and smartness in carrying out businesses can be seen through his bits of advice he gives to his father to make their various companies more profitable. He looks after developing more ideas, increasing their company's online presence, and also taking care of media marketing for his companies.

He even started his own firm last year named Conuva Solutions Private Limited, in collaboration with international and national companies. His work towards his companies and the kind of achievements he has made at such naive age was even appreciated in the UK, where Shubham received several awards that celebrated him as a businessman for his management role in his Maruti Suzuki Showrooms. The award function was organized by ICICI Lombard GIC & Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

Shubham is also the trustee of Rajeev Global Educational Trust in Bihar, that owns and operates a school & college. Presently, he is working on his next project which to establish and operate a Multi-Speciality Hospital and Nursing College in Bihar. This move is to help all those people who have suffered due to COVID-19 in the country to provide them with the best medical facilities and the best job opportunities.

There’s probably nothing this 20-year-old can’t do, he is exploring each and every field of business and successfully managing his education as well.

To know more about this young entrepreneur and his talents, you can follow him on 9600shubham.

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