Kangana Ranaut’s team slams Swara Bhasker’s defense of Karan Johar

Jun 30 2020 02:15 PM
Kangana Ranaut’s team slams Swara Bhasker’s defense of Karan Johar

Sushant Singh Rajput intensified the debate about nepotism among the going people. At this time, there are only talks about nepotism. Every person, be it common or special, is talking about this subject. In such a situation, you must be watching Kangana Ranaut is taking part in this debate. Kangna has spoken a lot on her behalf so far. In such a situation, you will see that she is not leaving any chance to target the starkids including Karan Johar. Actually, now recently, actress Swara Bhaskar has become angry.

Let us tell you that in the past, Swara Bhaskar had said in a post that it is not right to blame the people of the industry for the death of someone. With this, he also shared a video of Karan Johar. At the same time, Kangana Ranaut has targeted Swara on this matter. Recently she said, "Swara while doing chaploosi pls don’t forget Kangana graced the show after many requests, she was the superstar and KJO was the paid host it is not for him to remove anything if channel wants it, and her voice needs no KJO to reach people."

Actually, while sharing a video, Swara Bhaskar wrote in the past, "Pause for a moment and praise that Karan Johar answered the question and that too with complete truth. Also, it should be remembered that Karan did not remove the comment with nepotism from his show (Kangana Ranaut's answer in Koffee with Karan) while he could do that. By the way, you must know that Kangana has been angry for a long time and she has done many things.

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