Aftab used to force Shraddha to eat non-veg, parents also supported

New Delhi: Every day new revelations of the Shraddha Walker murder case are being exposed. The updates till now show that Shraddha's relationship with Aftab was very bad and she was facing a lot in the name of love. But even after this why was she not leaving Aftab? Poonam Birlan, who was Shraddha's helper while living in Mumbai before coming to Delhi, has told openly about Aftab and Shraddha's relationship. 

According to the report, Poonam has told that once Shraddha came to her, there were bruises on her forehead, cheeks, and neck. There were marks on her neck as if someone had strangled her hard. When she asked Shraddha about this, Shraddha told that Aftab beat her badly and tried to strangle her to death, so she ran away. If she didn't run, he would have killed her. The reason for that day's fight was more shocking than that. Aftab brutally beat Shraddha because she refused to eat non-veg. Aftab got angry on this matter. Aftab used to force her to eat non-veg. When she did not eat, Aftab used to beat her. Poonam counsels Shraddha and tries to convince her that Aftab's character is completely opposite to hers. He is also associated with other religions. His parents are also against this. He beats her so much without any reason. How will she be with him? 

Poonam told that at that time, Shraddha used to agree for some time on persuasion, but then Aftab's parents used to come to Shraddha, requesting her to forget their son's mistake, and forgive him. Those people would talk in such an emotional way that she used to get melt. If Shraddha had not come in the words of his parents at that time, she would have been alive today. Poonam completely blames the attitude of Aftab's parents and says that Aftab was given full protection by his parents.

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