Must read these quotes of Shri Krishna
Must read these quotes of Shri Krishna

The birthday of Shri Krishna is going to be celebrated for two days this year. People all over the world worship Krishna. People like his flute tune very much. People want to implement Shri Krishna's thoughts and views into their life. We have brought 7 precious thoughts of Shri Krishna. 

7 precious thoughts of Shri Krishna -

- Lord Krishna has said that as soon as the calf reaches the cow, the person wants the fruits of karma.

- Lord Shri Krishna says that this human body has to be destroyed one day, while this soul is immortal. 

- Krishna has said that despite being God, I do not give the fruits of their actions to any human being nor do I write the fate of anyone.

-You have made your fortune through human actions. That is, we should not sit to let luck shine.

-According to Lord Krishna, the way we discard old clothes and wear new clothes, similarly the soul also abandons one body and adopts the other body.

-Shri Krishna says, why do you worry. Name, work, birth, everything you got from another. That is, we have come into this world empty-handed and have to go empty-handed.

-According to Lord Krishna, whatever happened in life, whatever is happening and what is going to happen, happen for a reason.

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