This actress was an alcohol addict, revealed this thing about her life
This actress was an alcohol addict, revealed this thing about her life

Shruti Haasan, who has been a hit even after appearing in very few Bollywood films, has recently had a breakup with her boyfriend Michael Corsale and due to the news, she has been in constant discussions. She had told that in the past, it was a good experience of her life and now Shruti has talked openly about her alcohol addiction on chat show.

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Recently, Shruti said, "I was a whiskey lover for a long time. I took a break and decided to stop it all. This is a new change for me". At the same time when she was asked whether there was any effect on her health during the process of quitting alcohol? So in response to this, she said, "Yes, indeed I was ill, but I did not tell this to anyone." With this, she added, "I believe this is a private matter and I have given it to someone not shared with friends or outsiders. I had to go through a medical procedure and I was trying to heal myself''.

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Shruti is a strong actress and people like her very much. She further said, "I don't care what other people have to say. I took a break for a year because I was doing the same role. In fact, I have only one type of connectivity with my audience. I feel very well now that I have a healthy mind and a healthy body. I can deal with everything going on in the outside world".

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