Mount Venus on your palm speaks a lot about you, Know more

Sep 11 2019 04:20 PM
Mount Venus on your palm speaks a lot about you, Know more

People all over the world can know a lot by seeing palmistry. In astrology, the fate and nature of a person are known by the marks and ridges made on the palms. At the same time, the part under the thumb in the palm is called Venus mountain. On the other hand, if you believe in palmistry, this mountain gives information about a person's feelings, love, life partner and happiness. So let us tell you today the meaning of Mount Venus in the palm.

-It is said that if a person has Mount of Venus on his palm, then it is not very good.

- It is said that if a person's Venus mountain is more elevated then the person is romantic in nature.

- It is said that if Venus is suppressed, then there are many physical problems in the body of the person and such people lack amenities.

-It is said that if there are many streaks on the Venus mountain, that person's mind is weak.

- It is not good to be a trap on Mount Venus.

-According to astrology, if there is a mole on Venus in the palm, then there is always a dispute with the spouse and there is a loss of money.

- It is said that if the cross or square is targeted on Venus mountain then the person goes to jail.

- It is said that if there is a greater rise of Mount Venus towards the brain, then the person stays ahead in the journey.

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