AC air can make your bones weak, Know other diseases!

Sep 10 2019 04:46 PM
AC air can make your bones weak, Know other diseases!

Everyone likes to sit in an AC room during the summer season. But those who get used to the air of AC, they need AC air in every season. But you will not know how much damage its wind causes to you. In many offices, AC is running so fast that there is a shawl or sweater to be worn in every season.

Sitting in such a strong AC for nine to ten hours sometimes worsens our health. This is how the body gets damaged. Due to AC, we can be the victim of many unwanted diseases, which is important to know about.

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Bone problem
During sleep at night in the AC, the temperature of the room often falls very low, especially when it is four or five in the morning. This is the time when we are in very deep sleep and we do not realize it nor do we get up to shut down the AC. In such a situation we do not even know and the body gets very cold. Due to this cold of AC, problems related to bones start in the body, which later takes the form of diseases.

Lack of fresh air
The window-doors of the AC room are always closed, due to which the air of the room is closed in the same range and fresh air from outside also does not enter the room. Our body does not get fresh air by staying in AC for 24 hours. Lack of fresh air acts as a hindrance in the growth of the body.

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Wrinkles on skin
The coolness of AC dries up the sweat of our body and AC also draws the moisture of the body. Due to lack of moisture, there is a lack of water in our body. This causes wrinkles to appear on the skin. Due to lack of water in the body, many types of diseases begin to dominate the body rapidly.

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