Aloe vera also posses negative effect, read here

Jul 25 2019 09:42 PM
Aloe vera also posses negative effect, read here

Aloe vera is used by many people use in today's time. It also works for your health and for your beauty. But it can be harmful in many situations. There are many situations where using aloe vera is like playing with your health. Today are going to tell you about some of the same disadvantages.


Aloe vera contains many elements such as lacaceae and anthraquinone that are responsible for diarrhoea. Therefore, those who have irrestable bowel syndrome or gas problems should not use aloe vera.

Miscarriage is a risk

Pregnant women should never use aloe vera as it can lead to miscarriage. Research by the University of Maryland Medical Center has revealed that aloe vera uterin causes contraceles that pose a risk of miscarriage. Not only that, children under 12 years of age should also avoid giving aloe vera. Sometimes taking aloe vera can also cause congenital diseases in children. Aloe vera should also be taken at the time of breastfeeding.

Prevents the absorption of drugs

Lacaceo found in aloe vera is sometimes not allowed to absorb drugs into the body. This causes the effect of drugs to be disrupted. So be sure to contact your doctor whenever you have it .

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