Sidhant Gupta talks about having "no work" before Jubilee
Sidhant Gupta talks about having

Actor Sidhant Gupta, who turned 34 last week, there were many reasons to celebrate. Gupta, who is soaking up the glory of his most recent release Jubilee, declares, "I have never felt so much love." "It (the birthday) was different," he continues. Life now has a purpose.

Ask him whether he lately experienced any form of existential crisis, taking a cue from his response. To be honest, he admits, "I was before the lockdown." "At that point, I stopped and questioned why I was blaming the entire world for my decision to become an actress in this city. I get to decide. Then you just take control of your life's steering yourself. You decide that if you wish to carry out this task in your life, you must identify a motivation that transcends your feelings for fame and financial gain. It everything seemed really important around this occasion," Sidhant Gupta says.

He also said “I just wish I had spent some time alone growing up, so that I could find my own voice sooner. It seems like I have lived this whole life and all journey, but (today) I feel like a complete different human being to be honest. I don’t regret anything. I’m at a position where I’m happy creatively. If this (show) has come to me, I thank God I didn’t give up, thank God, I didn’t know how to give up.” 

Before attempting his luck in Hindi cinema and later OTT, Gupta began his career in Bollywood before moving to TV and doing a fiction and non-fiction show. Few people are aware, though, that the actor took a sabbatical from acting to reinvent himself before landing Inside Edge. When his father was "ill" in 2015, Gupta went undetected. “That was also the same time when I actually just left from here. After my father was unwell, there were some issues happening, and then I solved all of those as much as I could and I just left. I went to London just for some time just to be away from everything and everyone. To just find more to something because I wasn’t happy. I felt that I needed to break free from this from everyone that I know. Because when your career is not going your way, that keeps you unhappy. Because all your stakes are in one basket. And you realise there is no basket. So that’s when I actually felt the need to just kind of break free and I move away for some time,” he remembers.

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