Afghan woman appeals to Sidharth Shukla to pray for his country's peace...
Afghan woman appeals to Sidharth Shukla to pray for his country's peace...

The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan. The Taliban has come to power, which has scared the people there and is trying to leave the country. The Taliban rule in Afghanistan has created panic among people around the world. In that case, one after the other, people are tweeting and explaining the situation there. Several pictures and videos have also surfaced on social media showing everyone in a panic. Especially women.



Many of them are praying for the peace of the people of Afghanistan and also demanding justice for them. Amidst all this, Sidharth Shukla tweeted about the women of Afghanistan to which a fan responded. Sidharth wrote, "My greetings to the women of Afghanistan, the way she is standing up for herself seems to be truly commendable.'' One fan replied, "Thank you for your thinking towards the women of Afghanistan. The situation here is not good. My family and I are scared because the Taliban have captured and it is very fierce. Kabul has been converted into a dangerous city, pray for my country, we all want peace."



Replying to his fan, Siddharth wrote, "I am praying and I am sure a lot more like me will be praying too? you guys stay strong? God bless.'' It may be noted that the status of Afghanistan is changing rapidly after the Taliban captured it. The existence of women in Afghan is being wiped out. All the houses are locked in fear, there is silence everywhere.

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