Jail Minister raises question on Captain Government says, "People will spit on us..."

Dec 10 2019 11:58 AM
Jail Minister raises question on Captain Government says,

After former Punjab cabinet minister Navjot Sidhu, another minister of Captain Amarinder Singh, Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa, has become upset with the working style of the government. Randhawa even said publicly on the issue of disgrace, said, 'I may or may not stay in the government, but cannot lie. Governments keep coming and going. We are also becoming partners of punishment like Badal. If this condition continues then people will spit on us.' This statement of Randhawa has created a stir in the political circles. Opponents have also got a big issue.

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According to media reports, earlier 4 MLAs of Patiala had started a march against their government on the issue of corruption. The captain had pacified his anger with great difficulty. MLAs Surjit Dhiman, Nathu Ram, Kulbir Jeera, former MLA Rana Gurjit Singh, many legislators are angry with the bureaucracy.

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People belonging to some cult organizations protested in front of Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa's house. To calm the anger of the people, Randhawa said in front of the protesters, 'What should we answer to the people. People ask us. We have to meet people. Justice should have been given in this case. We are also becoming partners of punishment like Badal. The culprits should have been let inside on the first day itself. Many police officers got bail even without going inside. I can not lie. Even if you have to leave the chair.'

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