drug addicts digging up graves to make drug in this country !
drug addicts digging up graves to make drug  in this country !

A disturbing trend has gripped Sierra Leone, where a potent psychoactive drug derived from human bones, known as "kush," has sparked a national emergency. Graveyards in Freetown are now under police guard as desperate addicts resort to grave robbing to fuel their addiction to this hypnotic substance.

President Julius Maada Bio has sounded the alarm, recognizing the existential threat posed by the rampant use of kush and the alarming rise in fatalities among its users. In response, he has established a task force dedicated to eradicating this menace, with plans to establish care and support centers in every district staffed by trained professionals.

Efforts to dismantle the drug supply chain are also underway, with a focus on investigations, arrests, and prosecutions. However, the country faces challenges in providing adequate rehabilitation facilities, with only one functioning center in Freetown, which has been described as more of a holding center due to its limited resources. As Sierra Leone grapples with this crisis, urgent action is needed to combat the spread of kush addiction and prevent further devastation in communities across the country.

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