Sikkim Floods Update: So far 27 Lives Lost, 142 Still Unaccounted For, Read More
Sikkim Floods Update: So far 27 Lives Lost, 142 Still Unaccounted For, Read More

In the aftermath of the catastrophic flash flood that wreaked havoc on Sikkim, the somber toll continues to rise. To date, the remains of 27 individuals, including seven Army personnel, have been recovered from the mire and debris left behind by the Teesta River's relentless surge. Simultaneously, the relentless search effort persists, with 142 people yet to be located, according to official reports received on the night of Friday.

Among the 23 Army personnel who initially went missing from Bardang, seven have been discovered in various locations downstream of the Teesta, while one fortunate individual was successfully rescued earlier in the operation.

The flash flood, instigated by a cloudburst at Lhonak Lake, precipitated an alarming buildup of water. This surge veered ominously toward the Chungthang dam, causing extensive damage to the region's power infrastructure before coursing downstream, inundating towns and villages in its path.

Here are ten crucial updates regarding the Sikkim floods:

The flash flood, ignited by a cloudburst in the early hours of Wednesday, has left a trail of devastation in its wake, affecting over 25,000 individuals, damaging more than 1,200 homes, and obliterating 13 bridges. This natural disaster has brought the picturesque Himalayan state to its knees.

As of now, a commendable 2,413 individuals have been successfully rescued from various locations, with 6,875 people seeking refuge in 22 relief camps established across the state. Many of these areas have become isolated from the rest of the country, as per reports.

In a gesture of compassion and support, Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang has declared an ex-gratia compensation of Rs. 4 lakh for the bereaved families and an immediate relief of Rs. 2,000 for each individual sheltering in the relief camps.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah has given the green light for the disbursement of Rs. 44.8 crore as an initial tranche from the central allocation of the State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF). This fund infusion is intended to provide much-needed relief to those affected by the calamity.

The flood's destructive path has seen the obliteration of 13 bridges throughout the state, with Mangan district bearing the brunt as eight of these vital connectors were washed away. Gangtok lost three bridges, while Namchi suffered the loss of two.

Regrettably, approximately 3,000 tourists stranded in North Sikkim remain marooned, as repeated attempts by the Air Force to dispatch Mi-17 helicopters have been thwarted by inclement weather conditions. Senior officials conveyed this challenge.

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