Sikkim Cloud Burst: 1 Army Soldier Rescued Amid Tragedy, Pray for Others
Sikkim Cloud Burst: 1 Army Soldier Rescued Amid Tragedy, Pray for Others

SIKKIM: A glimmer of hope shines through the tragedy in Sikkim's Cloud Burst incident, as one valiant soldier from the group of 23 missing army personnel has been successfully rescued. Let us not falter in our optimism and continue to offer our heartfelt prayers for the remaining souls.

On Wednesday, officials reported the miraculous rescue of one individual among the 23 army personnel who had gone missing during the flash floods caused by a cloudburst in North Sikkim. This natural disaster led to a sudden surge in the water levels of the Teesta River, sparking devastating flash floods in its wake.

Tragically, this calamity has claimed the lives of at least eight individuals, while 49 others, including the aforementioned 23 army personnel, remain unaccounted for following the cloudburst over Lhonak Lake in North Sikkim, which served as the catalyst for the flash floods.

In response to this dire situation, the brave soldiers of the Trishakti Corps of the Indian Army have launched a colossal search and rescue mission to locate their missing comrades. Sources have conveyed that the family members of the missing army personnel have been contacted and informed about the unfolding situation. Fortunately, it has been affirmed that all other soldiers stationed in Sikkim and North Bengal are safe.

Regrettably, those stationed in the flash-flood-affected regions are currently grappling with disruptions in mobile communication, making it exceedingly difficult for them to reach out to their families.

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has extended his prayers and best wishes for the well-being of the missing army personnel. In a heartfelt statement, he addressed the Glacial Lake Burst at Lonak, Sikkim, describing it as deeply heart-wrenching. He acknowledged the ongoing relief and rescue operations taking place amidst extremely adverse weather conditions and expressed his fervent hope for the safety of the army personnel who have been tragically displaced by this disaster.

As of now, a total of 45 individuals have been successfully rescued, with 18 of them sustaining injuries. Additionally, numerous towns, including Dikchu, Singtam, and Rangpo, situated along the Teesta basin, have fallen victim to the deluge caused by the river's rapid escalation.

Officials have reported severe damage to sections of National Highway-10, the primary link connecting Sikkim to the rest of the nation, due to the flooding. Furthermore, they have issued flood warnings for North Bengal and Bangladesh, as the Teesta River courses through these areas.

Among the casualties, three bodies were discovered in North Bengal, while the remaining five were recovered from the Golitar and Singtam regions, bearing witness to the tragic aftermath of the Sikkim Cloud Burst disaster.

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