Simple sure shot ways to revive conversation on dating app

Talking to someone face to face and talking to someone over a app unaccountability of many things. Dating app conversations, start from a stranger, where you two hardly know each other and also have never met. But what happens when you meet a really cute person and instantly hit it off?

There might be such times, when you really like that person but your conversation has become stale. So here is ways to revive your conversation somehow. Some clever ways through which you can spark their interest again.

*Be straightforward

You can be pretty direct with them and shed your inhibitions and shyness. Be more in a straightforward manner.

*Send them your number

Talking to a stranger is surely risky out there but such time comes when you feel safe and confident enough to share personal details. If you really get this strong feeling to connect further you can exchange numbers and settle for a date. Giving them your number will make them realise that you are still very much interested in them and in the conversation.

*Tell them you’ve been busy

Make up reasons of why you didn’t get time to message them. You can simply tell them that you’ve been busy with work or at home. As it’s much better than relentless explanation.

*Ask them a question

When you ask someone a question, the person is instantly compelled to respond. Thus, the easiest way to get a reply and to restart a dead conversation

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