Simplistic ways to understand Non-verbal Cues

Body language is said to be the non verbal way of communication. Sometimes when communicating to a person you observe their expressions, the way they talk and their movements which may not coordinate to each other. In such a situation, you need to have the ability to understand somebody’s body language. If you know what you are looking for in the person it will provide an amazing amount of information about their real identity and thought process.

There are some of the common hints to notice when someone’s personality. So, here are few body language cues with meaning.

Posture of body:

The person’s way of standing like tall and upright, quickly gives you the vibes of their presence owning the room. Whereas, someone is standing with lazy neck and shoulder will itself show their nervousness and confidence level.

Crossed arms:

While talking to someone you expect the person to be interested in you. If he or she stands in with crossed arms depicts that they have closed mind, narrow thinking and isn’t open to new approaches.

Observing the head movement:

Nodding your head while talking means rhythm to what you say. It’s a gesture other person shows in agreement with what you speak. While on the other note nodding quickly shows that the other person has had enough of you.

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