Man has 100 bullet pieces in head, Doctors operated for 5 hours

New Delhi: A unique and successful operation has taken place at Sir Gangaram Hospital (SGRH), Delhi, the capital of the country. Here 100 pieces of bullet were stuck in the head of a wounded person. It was told that the patient was shot from a close range. 39-year-old Radheshyam of Sonia Vihar was shot on July 22. Immediately after this, he was admitted to the Lok Nayak Hospital. Seeing the situation improving, he was immediately brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. He was going to have surgery here.

Doctors told that when Radheshyam was brought to the hospital, at that time there was a lot of bleeding from his head and he was having trouble breathing. It was told that a CT scan of the head was done, after which it was found that several fractures in the head and many clots had formed. Not only this, many pieces of bullet were trapped inside the cranium. Doctors gave the reason behind this that it happened because the bullet hit the strong bone inside the head and broke into many parts inside.

According to a media report, the hospital's neurosurgeon Dr. Sameer Kalra said that the corona test was also not done to perform Radheshyam's operation. It was told that when the skull of the patient was opened, it was found that around 100 pellets had penetrated deeply into various places in the brain. During the operation, pieces of the bullet were pulled out of the brain. It was told that after the operation which lasted for five hours, the patient's condition is improving and he will be discharged from the hospital soon.

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