Attack on Hezbollah's base in Syria, 25 lost their lives
Attack on Hezbollah's base in Syria, 25 lost their lives

Washington: Shortly before, the US attacked 5 bases of extremist groups Qaitab Hezbollah or Hezbollah Brigades operating in Iraq and Syria. At the same time, the US says that the group attacked in a rocket in the military complex near Kirkuk, northern Iraq, in which an American defense contractor has been killed.

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When the investigation was done, Defense Ministry spokesman Jonathan Hoffman said in a statement that the US military carried out these attacks for defense. Officials said the militia fired more than 30 rockets on Friday. The statement of the spokesperson said that two targets were attacked in Iraq and in Syria. A member associated with Hezbollah, keeping the name a secret, said that at least 12 of his members have lost their lives in the US attack.

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According to information received from sources, according to the news from Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, the Taliban has temporarily agreed to a ceasefire so that a peace agreement with the US can be reached. Where the US demanded a ceasefire before any kind of peace settlement, so that its army could return from Afghanistan. At the same time, the United States has not given any statement on this.

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