After watching 4-5 episodes of 'Crime Patrol' sisters murder her younger brother

Dec 03 2019 04:54 PM
After watching 4-5 episodes of 'Crime Patrol' sisters murder her younger brother

Recently, two sisters who looked very innocent become criminal. In this case, the two sisters prepared themselves completely for the murder after watching the Crime Patrol serial and after that, like the incident in Kankhal, they have planned crime in their mind.

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It is being told that she misled the police after seeing four different stories, but when confronted with the CCTV footage, she just fell apart and confessed everything. In this case, SSP Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S at the Kotwali Jwalapur Campus said that "On the day of the incident, the accused sisters had mixed sleeping pills in the milk of 2-year-old brother and after that, both sisters approached the sleeping brother near parents in the morning took him and put him in a sack and left the house. After this, one sister was riding a bicycle and the other was walking with a bag in her hand.

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On reaching the red bridge of the railway, she threw the bag as well as her brother in Gangnahar and after returning to the house, she returned home in 10 minutes. When the police questioned the teenagers in this case, they confessed everything. In this case, the police got suspicious and then only the real sister who hated innocent brother came out the master mind of the whole plan. She created this dreadful conspiracy.

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