Sister Murdered by Chandana and Omer Shaik Sultan: Telangana Police Arrest Suspects
Sister Murdered by Chandana and Omer Shaik Sultan: Telangana Police Arrest Suspects

Hyderabad: On September 2, the Telangana police apprehended a 20-year-old woman named Chandana and her boyfriend, Omer Shaik Sultan, along with three other individuals in connection with the murder of her 22-year-old sister, Banka Deepthi, in the town of Korutla, Jagtial district. The young software engineer, who worked in Hyderabad, was killed in her home on August 29 by the accused couple after a failed attempt at eloping. Following the murder, the couple had gone into hiding.

According to Jagitial Superintendent of Police (SP) Aggadi Bhaskar, the suspects, Banka Chandana and Omar Shaik Sultan, were apprehended by the police while en route to Nagpur on the Armoor-Balkonda road in Nizamabad district. In addition to Chandana and Omar, the police also arrested Omar's mother, Mahboob, his sister, Asiya Fatima, and his friend, Hafeez. Deepthi, who worked for a multinational corporation in Hyderabad, was found dead under suspicious circumstances at her home in Korutla town, where she had been working remotely, according to SP Bhaskar.

The police revealed that the victim, Deepthi, had discovered that her sister was planning to elope with her boyfriend, Omer Shaik Sultan, along with the jewelry and cash stored in her home. Meanwhile, the parents of the girls were in Hyderabad attending an event. The police stated that Chandana, the accused, first made her sister consume alcohol, causing the victim to lose consciousness. Later, Omer Shaik arrived, and the two were preparing to elope with the gold jewelry and cash. However, Deepthi regained consciousness and confronted them. Subsequently, the two tied her up, covered her mouth and nose with adhesive tape, causing asphyxiation and resulting in her death.

According to the police, Omer Shaik Sultan was a batchmate of his girlfriend, Banka Chandana, when they were pursuing an engineering degree in Hyderabad in 2019. Reportedly, Omer Shaik hails from Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh. Chandana had been residing at home after completing her engineering degree, while Omer Shaik Sultan frequently visited Korutla to meet her. Allegedly, on August 19, the couple met, and Chandana asked him to marry her and take her away from her home, as her parents would not support their marriage. When he expressed concerns about living without a job and money, Chandana persuaded him and even discussed the matter with his family, including his mother, Syed Alia Mahaboob, his sister, Fathima, and his friend, Hafiz, via WhatsApp.

Police investigations, which included the examination of CCTV footage, suggested that Chandana had left the house with a man on the same night. The victim's father, who filed a police complaint, expressed concern about his younger daughter, who had gone missing after the murder. According to the police, the victim's brother, who currently works in Bengaluru, received an audio message on his phone from Chandana, claiming she was unaware of the murder. However, Chandana did not disclose her whereabouts or why she had gone missing. During the interrogation, Chandana confessed to the crime. The Korutla police have since reclassified the case from a suspicious death to a murder under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code.

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