Slapgate controversy: Siddharth is like younger brother, says Bharti

Bharti Singh-Siddharth Sagar controversy in which Siddharth was accused of slapping Bharti. And Siddharth was out of the show 'Comedy Nights Tazaa' on Bharti's complaint. Siddharth denied the rumours by saying he was misunderstood and had no intention to hurt Bharti.

Now Bharti too has opened up on the issue, "First of all nothing really has happened. If I was slapped, as a woman of dignity I would have spoken up. No one has the right to raise his hand on a woman. But there was no such incident. It has been completely blown out of proportion. These gossip stories hurt me as without thorough knowledge people tend to assume. Glad you all reached out."

"Siddharth is like a younger brother to me. I have seen him progress in his career. He was a kid when he entered the industry. He is immensely talented and I hope such issues don't mar our relationship." she added.

On asking Bharti on her rumoured bf Harsh threatened Siddharth, she said, "He shares a cordial relationship with Harsh. They are great friends and it must have been a friendly remark."

So is it production house decision to not cast Siddharth in 'Comedy Nights Tazaa'???

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