New species of snake found in Maharashtra, snake will be named after this member of Thackeray family

A new species of snake has been discovered on the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, India. It is named after Tejas Thackeray, younger son of Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray. Pune-based Biodiversity Conservation Foundation director Varad Giri said that this species of snake usually falls under the category of 'cat snake' and belongs to the Boiga species. A research paper related to this has been presented in the Bombay Natural History Society on Thursday.

New species of snake found in Maharashtra

In his statement, Varad Giri said that snakes of Boiga dynasty are found all over the country, but some species of it are found only in the Western Ghats. This snake is found in Satara district in Koyna region. Tejas's elder brother Aditya Thackeray shared a picture of this new species of snake on Twitter.

According to the media report, this snake has been named 'Thackerage Cat Snake' (scientific name- Boiga Thackeray), because Tejas Thackeray has been instrumental in its discovery. Actually, Tejas is more interested in forests, forests and creatures. According to Varad Giri, Tejas first saw this species of snake in 2015, after which he studied its behavior in detail. He then handed over all the information to the Biodiversity Conservation Foundation and also helped him in research. Varad Giri said that this species of snake is vanapastik i.e. it belongs to trees. These snakes are mostly active at night. It can be up to three feet in length and most importantly it is not poisonous.

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