Solar eclipse will be very impressive on June 21

There are two eclipses in June of this year. The upcoming lunar eclipse on 5 June will not leave much impact on the Earth. At the same time, it will be only a shadow lunar eclipse. However, the first solar eclipse on June 21 will leave a special impact on the Earth. According to Acharya Vijendra Prasad Mamgain, spokesperson of the Uttarakhand Vidya Sabha, a kankar shape is being formed in the solar eclipse. Chudamani Yoga is also being formed on this day due to falling Sundays.

Solar eclipse will be harmful in this. People of Scorpio will have to pay special attention. The first solar eclipse of this year will be from 10.23 am to 1.47 pm. The eclipse festival will last for 3 hours 24 minutes. Eclipse Sutak will start one day before i.e. on 20 June at 10.24 pm. One should not look at the sun on the day of solar eclipse. At the same time, people should perform Ganga bath, donation, chanting, worship, havan.

For your information, let us tell you that keeping basil leaves in the food does not affect the eclipse. This reduces the effect of solar eclipse. Along with this, it has manifold fruits. On the other hand, the second lunar eclipse is going to happen on June 5 this year, while the moon will pass through the shadow of the earth in the shadow of the shadow. It will not have a significant effect on zodiac signs, its sutak will also not be valid.

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