Solar Storm Warning: The most powerful magnetic storm on Earth

May 15 2019 04:38 PM
Solar Storm Warning: The most powerful magnetic storm on Earth

The laboratory of X-ray astronomy of the Sun in Russia reported that on the morning of May 14 a powerful magnetic storm began. It was given the G3 level and called one of the most powerful in recent years. But everything is not as scary as it sounds. This storm did not come as a surprise to scientists, because such events are easily predicted in advance. Only this time the storm reached the third level on a scale of power, and the first level expected a maximum. An event of this level was last observed in August 2018, and before that in September 2017. Therefore, the event is not as rare as they write about it.

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According to the classification, the magnetic storm G3 is conditionally safe. First of all, it will affect the spacecraft - there may be problems with orientation in space and equipment interruptions. There is also a risk for ground-based power plants, but engineers adjust the voltage in advance. More storms can occur in the interruption of navigation systems.

Smartphones and other household gadgets can not be affected by a magnetic storm - Denis Kusov, the Director General of TelecomDaily agency, noted this specifically for Hi-Tech

For people, there is no danger from such a magnetic storm. There is a threat to the so-called meteo-sensitive people, only most often these problems are caused by self-suggestion - they read the forecast and wait for the deterioration of health. This was told by the  Deputy Director General of the National Center for Cardiology of the Ministry of Health of Russia Nana Pogosova to the publication RIA Novosti.

The magnetic storm was powerful, but everything went without incident. It did not affect the navigation equipment, the International Space Station and other sensitive equipment. By evening, the intensity of the magnetic storm began to decline, it is expected that it will attenuate completely by the morning of May 15.

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