If you are going to wear it at the wedding, then follow these tips

Every girl's dream is to look like the most beautiful bride in the world on her wedding day. Because of this, girls start preparing for their wedding 5 months in advance of their marriage. Girls choose everything from lehengas to jewellery thoughtfully. Nath has a big role in bridal jewellery, it is not only a part of Indian tradition but also a fashion trend, which the bride is loving. However, many times the right Nath creates trouble for the brides. In fact, many girls do not have a nose pierced, in such a way, they wear artificial Nath on the day of the wedding. However, when the setting of the Nath is not there, the bride has to bear the pain, due to which the fun of the whole wedding is spoiled. Now today we tell you the right way to wear a Nath and it will look good if you wear these Naths to your wedding mother.  

Choose a light Nath - Choose as light a nod as possible If your nose is not pierced, then it can be a little difficult for the heavy bath to last.

Take the Nath according to the face - First of all, see what kind of Nath will look good on your outfit and face, then buy the Nath only after that.
Necklace with Nath - You can also wear the necklace with Nath. By doing this, your neck will not move and will also be set in one place from the necklace.
Do not press hard- Pressing the Nath too hard can cause pain, due to this, do it comfortably and take care.
Clean- Clean the knot before wearing it, and sanitize it as it will not be at risk of infection.

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If the color is dark, then the lehenga of these colors will be worn in the wedding, it will look most beautiful.

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