9 Silly and witless things people actually believed about period

Periods are the regular discharge of blood and mucosal tissues from the inner lining of the uterus. Periods occurs due to the rise and fall of the hormones. There are many things people have a misconception about periods and are ridiculous. 

Some of the hilarious and weirdest things people think about periods are -

1. “Back in high school, a (male) friend told me, completely seriously, that women have to use tampons sometimes and pads sometimes. Have to, it’s not a matter of preference. He totally tried to mansplain menstrual products to me before mansplaining was even a word.”

2. “When I was a teenager a guy friend thought every girl menstruated at the same time. A friend couldn’t get in the pool at a pool party because she didn’t have a tampon and he asked, ‘Why don’t you just ask one of the other girls for one?’ When no one had a tampon but we were all in the pool, he was shocked. We had to explain that women aren’t like werewolves – we don’t all get out periods on the full moon.”

3. “My boyfriend was totally amazed at the fact that my period happens roughly at the same time each month. I can still remember his utter amazement as he said, ‘You mean…it’s not a big surprise every month? You know when it’s coming? That’s like your own super power!’”

4. “My ex-used to think that a period was just one big expulsion of blood that happened once a month. When I asked him why he thought girls usually said their periods lasted for days, he replied, ‘Well obviously they do, they’re preparing for days because they can’t tell at what point all the blood is going to fall out.’”

5. “I was around 13 and I had run out of pads. I was embarrassed but, since my mom wasn’t home, I had to ask her now ex to get me more. He got upset with me since they were expensive and I was ‘flying through them’. He said I shouldn’t drink so much throughout the day. He seriously thought my flow had something to do with my fluid intake.”

6. “There was a weird superstition in my country where mothers would have their daughters rub the very first-period blood on their faces because it was believed that you’d never get pimples if you did that.”

7. “I used to have extreme bleeding and cramping when I was in my teens and my mom took me to the doctor. He told me that it was extremely normal and it would all disappear when I got married. Needless to say, I have never gone back to that doctor.”

8. “When I was younger I had chronic nosebleeds and my period was a little late compared to my friends. I was worried I’d never get my period because ‘all the blood was used up coming out of my nose’.”

9. “A friend in high school was afraid that if he hugged me too tightly during my period he would squeeze a lot of blood out of me like a sponge.”

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