Some major lessons from PM Modi’s open Talk with Akshay Kumar that should admire

Apr 24 2019 10:24 AM
Some major lessons from PM Modi’s open Talk with Akshay Kumar that should admire
  1. I don't get angry easily. But it's a part of human nature. These are emotions that just spread negativity. Right from the time I was a peon, I have never had an opportunity to express anger. There's a difference between anger and being strict. You just have to ensure discipline at times.
  2. I used to do swimming while I lived in villages, I have to wash clothes of my entire household and during that time I also start to do Swimming in River. That day efforts made my much more strong and stable.
  3. I think Physical Activity is more important to everyone. I preferred Team Game in which team played a game. Because Team helps us to understand team spirit and lead us to work in group and uplift thought processes.
  4. I love to drink tea in morning at 5 and evening but it’s my favorite part to set in open area and look up and have a cup of tea.
  5. I was quite a wanderer. I found answers to my own questions. I have been on my own since I was very young. That led to a feeling of detachment. Later, even if I called my mother to live with me, she wanted to spend time in her village. Also, I didn't get enough time to spend with her.
  6. I never thought I'd become the Prime Minister. A common person doesn't think that. The kind of background I come from, even if I got a simple job, my mother would have been distributing ladoos to neighbours.
  7. I never had a bank account earlier. When I was in school, people from Dena Bank came and gave us a piggy bank. I never had enough money. Later, the bank officials tracked me and they wanted to close the account due to inactivity. Thirty-two years later, they told me I had an account since childhood. When I became chief minister, salary used to get credited. I told them I wanted to give away the money, they tried to dissuade me, saying I had cases against me and I might need it, but I insisted I wanted to give Rs. 21 lakh from the bank account to people in need.
  8. Whenever I got overwhelmed with emotions, I would write it all on a paper. Then I would analyse it. This helped me realise my own mistakes. But of course I no longer have that much time. This is how I trained myself to respond to situations.

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