Some Ways To Identify If You Have 'Food Issues'
Some Ways To Identify If You Have 'Food Issues'

You know something is wrong, but you don’t know what. You know it’s not working right, and you don’t know why. Worse yet, you don’t know how to fix it.

Here are some ways to tell you whether you have food issues

Buying for two to eat alone

Eating alone there’s no shame in a table of one. Even though around a third of us live alone these days. The image of the lone diner is still quiet sad. Aside from the perceived tragedy of the lonely diner, it’s not easy cooking for one either. While communal tables make it easy to eat a meal alone without looking like you’ve been stood up by your date and help restaurants to save a cover on a table for two, they don’t tackle the perception that eating alone is weird or uncomfortable.

Thinking about food constantly

Food obsession on the other hand can be mental or physical. It’s a fixation on food that could be related to both. Or it can grow out of dieting- thinking we shouldn’t eat certain foods that we desperately want. It can also be physical- when we are hungry, we can’t think of anything else but food.

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