Father refuses to birthday celebration demand, son jumps into Ganga

Varanasi: Nowadays, crime cases are increasing day by day. There are many people who are committing suicide. Recently, a case has come to light from Varanasi which is shocking. In this case, when the father did not pay his son to celebrate his birthday, he jumped into the Ganga. Yes, the father followed the son into the Ganges so that he could save him, but they could not find the son. The drowning father was rescued by the sailors, but the son is yet to be traced. NDRF and police are said to be on the lookout for their son.

What is the whole matter: In fact, Ashwani Kesari, son of Manoj Kesari, who runs a general store in Adampur police station area of Varanasi, jumped into the Ganga just because the family did not give him the ₹2000 demanded to celebrate his birthday on Saturday. Angered by this, Ashwani left home and reached Rajghat Bridge, while his father Manoj was behind him. However, he did not get a chance to explain and Ashwani jumped from the bridge in the Ganges. Meanwhile, father Manoj also jumped into the Ganga to save his son but could not find his son.

In the meantime, when he started drowning, the sailors have somehow rescued him. After escaping, Manoj Kesari was taken to Kabir Chaura Divisional Hospital in Varanasi where he kept asking about his son when he regained consciousness after some time. When police and NDRF came to know about the incident, they also tried to trace Ashwani with the help of divers but nothing was found. The search for Ashwani in the case is still going on.

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